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Hinborq (real name René Hinborch) is a multi-talented music producer from Haarlem in The Netherlands. Inspired in the early 2000’s by the legends Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, he picked up music producing as a teenager and tried out many things; from hiphop to trance music.

Several years later he graduated in the year 2014 with the study Game Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and founded his own company ‘Hinborch Productions’, focussing on music productions for films, games and so on.

After a decade filled with musical projects, René decided to pick up his old love and went back to where it all started: music that makes you move. This is the moment where Hinborq was reborn. With an eternal love for techno and deep pulsing beats, he decided to combine these two and make something without boundaries.

Prepare for blastoff!